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  • The Best Gadget Ever – Part 2

    Friday I received my replacement D-Link DHP-301 in the mail. It took may 3 weeks to get the replacement in the mail from when i mailed it, which is a reasonable amout of time. So I’m pretty impressed at how quickly they got it back to me, but of course I would have loved to […]

  • The best gadget ever?

    For now i have a 50-ft cable running from my router to my computer to give me internet access. When i want to use the PS3 I unhook the computer and plug in the PS3 online. I bought a nifty device from Best Buy. The device is made by D-Link. You have two small boxes […]

  • My PS3 won’t connect to my Linksys Wireless Router…

    I love my PS3. I know its not my PS3s fault. This is just the usual problems I have no matter what Wireless device I am using. With that in mind please read on and offer some suggestions if you happen to know any great tips. So, I’ve had problems all over the place with […]

  • The Elders Scroll IV: Oblivion for PS3

    So, when i got my Playstation3 I also bought The Elders Scroll IV: Oblivion. This game is awesome. I had never played any of the Elders Scroll games before so this is my first one. I read some reviews and it looks like other big game sites love this game. I’ve seen ratings as high […]

  • Poser Hair Tutorial

    Originally this tutorial was written and posted on www.ijwebsites.com. At the time I wrote this I was using Poser 5 but it will pretty much work for any version of Poser from 5 to 7 (there may be some slight differences).

  • Lightwave Tip: Selecting Objects

    If you’re new to Lightwave v9, like I am some of the basics in the program, are a little odd. One of the commands that I thought should be a no brainer is how to select all the points, polygons, edges on an object if you have more then 1 object in a layer. I […]