About Rob’s 3D Blog

First a little about me…

Rob Fletcher is a web developer but “on the side” he enjoys dabbling in 3D art. He has worked as a Professional 3D Artist for Take 2 Interactive creating custom 3D models using 3D Studio MAX. He produced 3D models that were used in the game Jetfighter4 and featured on the box of the Jetfighter4 PC game.

This site aims to chronicle the difficulties a 3D artist has to go through after they’ve become completely comfortable with one software package and going through the adjustment phase of learning an entirely new package. Rob Fletcher used 3D Studio MAX for years while at Take 2. Currently he is using and learning Lightwave v9, Vue 5 Infinite (waiting for 6 to come out), and Poser 7 (the latest version). I also use Photoshop and Fireworks to create and edit my textures. I was able to pickup Lightwave and Vue for a really good price in a bundle deal. You should watch out for these on the companies websites. They really are the best way to go when you buy software.

Currently, Rob Fletcher spends most of his time programming and developing websites in Coldfusion for a local advertising agency located in downtown Baltimore. 3D is mainly just a hobby of sorts though i am hoping to build a new website that uses both medias, hence the reason for this blog. The plan is to have tutorials, articles, walkthroughs, pretty much whatever project i am work on at the time, i will post something here.

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