The best gadget ever?

For now i have a 50-ft cable running from my router to my computer to give me internet access. When i want to use the PS3 I unhook the computer and plug in the PS3 online.

I bought a nifty device from Best Buy. The device is made by D-Link. You have two small boxes that plug into electrical outlets. You plugin one by the router and then hook it into router using an ethernet cable. The other little box you plugin near the computer and then run another ethernet cable from the little box to the PC. This creates a signal from your router to your PC by using the electricity in your house to deliver the signal. Very awesome because it eleminated the long cables across the floor for awhile there. Unfortunately, I think i got a lemon in the bunch because it broke. Best Buy wouldn;t take it back because it was out of the 14-day return policy time. D-Link, however, is sending me a brand new unit. Really I hate buying things from Best Buy. I don’t think they serve the customer very well. I usually just go there to look and then if i want to buy any electronic equipment I’ll go to Circuit City. If you buy games you should definitely only go EBGames or Gamestop. They offer a much better return policy. You can return a game for any reason basically. Best Buys policy is you can only return it if it is broken.






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  1. hotdogsurprise Avatar

    awesome review! you need to give implement your own rating system for this blog. ^^

  2. admin Avatar

    hmm, maybe i will. There might be a plugin for WordPress that does that.

  3. rob3dadmin Avatar

    I still think this one of the best gadgets ever, but now that i have my PS3 working wirelessly, I have a computer that is hooked to my 46″ Plasma Screen and i use this gadget for that. I use the 50-ft cable for my primary computer. So, i still have cables on the ground but at least i have less cables.