My PS3 won’t connect to my Linksys Wireless Router…

I love my PS3. I know its not my PS3s fault. This is just the usual problems I have no matter what Wireless device I am using. With that in mind please read on and offer some suggestions if you happen to know any great tips.

So, I’ve had problems all over the place with getting things to receive a signal in my basement. It’s been an upward battle.

My Sirius Satellite Radio doesnt work in my basement.
My PC, my laptop can’t connect using wireless ethernet to my wireless router, though it works in every other location in the house.
My PS3 can’t connect to the wireless router either, so i have to run a 50-ft cable from the router to the PS3, which I’ve done, but i don’t like it.

Some things to know about the basement:

  • Double layer of sheet rock (soundproofed room) in the walls only.
  • Just above my bed part of the ceiling slants upward. The rest of the ceiling is flat.
  • My basement has a long, pole that extends the entire length of the ceiling to help support the rest of the house.

Does anyone have any helpful tips or suggestions that I might try to get a signal in my basement for all of these devices mainly my Satellite radio, my PS3? I think it would be great to utilize the wireless of the network in every sector of the house.

Oddly, a couple weeks later the PS3 began connecting to the router.  Not sure how or why, but we are all work now.

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  2. UPDATE: Finally, about a year ago, we were messing with the router and now it all of a sudden works perfectly. I’m able to use the PS3 wirelessly and watch netflix / play games online. Fantastic experience.

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