Dynamic Machines pwnisher challenge – final video

July 25, 2021 was the cut-off date for submission.  This is the video I submitted into the challenge.  You’ll see I add some lights, lots of lights, added some more decoration to the box, textured some of the pieces a bit more.  I’m pretty slow at Blender at the moment, but doing these challenge I have learned alot.  I’ll be first to admin that this does feel unfinished.

Vue 5 Infinite – Rob’s Waterfall Scene

The latest project is a nice waterfall scene. The scene is going to be a still shot so i don’t need to worry about animating the water coming down the waterfall. But, I might want to make this in the future, so if anyone has any tips on achieving that, please post a comment and let me know some tips. Always seeking good 3D tips.

A good tip before starting any 3D image is to determine the size of the render you are making. I am making this scene for a website where it might sit in a Flash header. You’ll see in the image below I have really just started out. I created 2 mountains and dropped a basic texture with an ecosystem on it. I’m not really too concerned with the textures at the moment, that will come later. Right now, I am focusing on the shape and size of the mountains. The mountain in the foreground I made in the terrain editor and cut out an area where I want to put the waterfall. This mountain is 1024×1024. The background mountain is further away so it doesn’t need as much detail so i made it in the terrain editor at 512×512. Its basically a prop. I didn’t spend anytime on it all creating its shape. I just opened the material editor, click the mountain button a few times, click erode, and clicked canyon. And TADA, that background mountain is done as far as the shape goes.

Waterfall Scene Phase 1

Now that I have the basic shapes created, its time to tweak the environment, textures, and add some plants. I modified the environment by bumping up the light intensity because in this scene its really sunny, like midday kind of sun on a clear day. I also modified the texture on the foreground plant by adding an ecosystem. One complaint I have about the plants in Vue 5 Infiniite is there really arent enough of them. There is only 1 bush too. How are you supposed to make a tropic forest with 1 bush? And unfortunately, it wasnt even the kind of bush i needed. I modified the bush that is in Vue in the plant editor and made my own little bush that i then populated across the foreground mountain. I added a couple of other plants to keep things interesting. I haven’t completely finished adding plants to the mountain and the next step is to figure out how to make Vue 5 not populate plants where i want the waterfall to be. Any ideas anyone? Please leave a comment.


Waterfall Scene Phase 2

Stay tuned…As the scene progresses I will be posting by end of day renders to this blog, wish me luck!

Vue 5 Infinite – How to make your own plant species

My first Vue 5 Infinite article!

I remember when i first for Vue 5 Infinite and in the feature set it said that you could make your own plant species. This sounded very interesting to me, but it didn’t seem very intuitive on how to get to the plant editor (thank god for the help book!) and start creating my very own plants. It was easy enough to figure out but I’m sure, as you’ll see here shortly, that i am only going to graze the surface of what this tool can do. This tutorial is intended for beginners.

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Latest Project: The Horse Racetrack

So, I have been working on a new project lately. It’s a Horse Track, something like Pimlico. I’m planning on adding some horses running around the track. It should be pretty sweet. So far though the challenges I’ve are taking an animated horse from Poser7 and importing it in Vue 5. Actually, I had to re-install Poser6 because Vue5 can’t import Poser7 files. So I got the horse into Vue and he was galloping in place, but its hard to animate an already animated object like a horse and get it to go around the track in step. So, don’t do it that way. Its best to animate the horse at 30fps in Poser and the import that animation into Vue. That i learned today so maybe over this weekend i’ll be able to mess with that some more.

Anyway, the image I post to you today took about 2 weeks of experimentation and then 1 session of 1 hour of well-focused work. And this is the result. Still alot needed to be done but this is the best one I have made for sure!

Enjoy – i need to catch some ZZZzzzz’s — until next time!

Horse Racetrack WIP - Feb 21


The best gadget ever?

For now i have a 50-ft cable running from my router to my computer to give me internet access. When i want to use the PS3 I unhook the computer and plug in the PS3 online.

I bought a nifty device from Best Buy. The device is made by D-Link. You have two small boxes that plug into electrical outlets. You plugin one by the router and then hook it into router using an ethernet cable. The other little box you plugin near the computer and then run another ethernet cable from the little box to the PC. This creates a signal from your router to your PC by using the electricity in your house to deliver the signal. Very awesome because it eleminated the long cables across the floor for awhile there. Unfortunately, I think i got a lemon in the bunch because it broke. Best Buy wouldn;t take it back because it was out of the 14-day return policy time. D-Link, however, is sending me a brand new unit. Really I hate buying things from Best Buy. I don’t think they serve the customer very well. I usually just go there to look and then if i want to buy any electronic equipment I’ll go to Circuit City. If you buy games you should definitely only go EBGames or Gamestop. They offer a much better return policy. You can return a game for any reason basically. Best Buys policy is you can only return it if it is broken.

My PS3 won’t connect to my Linksys Wireless Router…

I love my PS3. I know its not my PS3s fault. This is just the usual problems I have no matter what Wireless device I am using. With that in mind please read on and offer some suggestions if you happen to know any great tips.

So, I’ve had problems all over the place with getting things to receive a signal in my basement. It’s been an upward battle.

My Sirius Satellite Radio doesnt work in my basement.
My PC, my laptop can’t connect using wireless ethernet to my wireless router, though it works in every other location in the house.
My PS3 can’t connect to the wireless router either, so i have to run a 50-ft cable from the router to the PS3, which I’ve done, but i don’t like it.

Some things to know about the basement:

  • Double layer of sheet rock (soundproofed room) in the walls only.
  • Just above my bed part of the ceiling slants upward. The rest of the ceiling is flat.
  • My basement has a long, pole that extends the entire length of the ceiling to help support the rest of the house.

Does anyone have any helpful tips or suggestions that I might try to get a signal in my basement for all of these devices mainly my Satellite radio, my PS3? I think it would be great to utilize the wireless of the network in every sector of the house.

Oddly, a couple weeks later the PS3 began connecting to the router.  Not sure how or why, but we are all work now.

Lightwave Tip: Selecting Objects

If you’re new to Lightwave v9, like I am some of the basics in the program, are a little odd.

One of the commands that I thought should be a no brainer is how to select all the points, polygons, edges on an object if you have more then 1 object in a layer. I watched a video about performing the Speed Boolean operation to subtract a disc from a sphere. One of the steps in the video is selecting the disc. The disc is in the middle of the sphere surrounded by polygons. So how do you select all those polygons quickly?

Here’s the quick method…

  1. Draw a disc in the FRONT viewport and then drag it out in the RIGHT viewport so its a long disc. It’ll look like a cylinder.
  2. Next draw a sphere so it covers the middle part of the disc on all sides. What you should have is a disc poking out of the middle of the sphere on the front and back of the sphere. Make sure you click “MAKE” in the lower middle of the LW window. That sets your cylinder as an object. ( you can also hit enter).
  3. Its a quick 2-step process to select that cylinder. Hit the spacebar until the word “Polygons” is lit OR just hit “CTRL + H”.
  4. Click any polygon on the disc. The easiest one to get to are the two polygons at the top and bottom of the disc.
  5. Click simply hit the ” ] ” button on the keyboard. (This button triggers the View -> Selection -> Connected command. We are telling Lightwave select all polygons connected to this polygon. You can do the same thing for Points and Edges as well. First click a point and then click the ” ] ” key.
  6. Voila! all polygons are selected for this object.
  7. If you want to unselect all polygons just click the ” / ” key.

With this in mind, doing a Speed Boolean is so much faster then before. You can visit Newtek’s website at http://www.newtek.com/lightwave/tutorials/videos/index.php and watch the video tutorial on Speed Booleans.

I like the Lightwave buttons for Points. Edges, and Polygons so why can’t we get a buttons called “Object” to put down there too?
I’d love just to click the objects button and then click a polygon on an object to select all of the polys.

The whole cylinder is selected simply by pressing the ] button on the keyboard