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  • Dynamic Machines pwnisher challenge – final video

    July 25, 2021 was the cut-off date for submission.  This is the video I submitted into the challenge.  You’ll see I add some lights, lots of lights, added some more decoration to the box, textured some of the pieces a bit more.  I’m pretty slow at Blender at the moment, but doing these challenge I […]

  • Dynamic Machines “pwnisher” challenge progress short

    Back in July 2021, I started tinkering with Blender again. I start by making the donut and then jumped into a couple of 3d challenges.  Here is a work in progress video where I am mapping out where the ball will drop and what objects it will bump into to make it down to the […]

  • Vue 5 Infinite – Rob’s Waterfall Scene Part 2

    So, the saga continues to make a Waterfall scene in Vue 5 Infinite. I have two new renders for you to view. As you can see I am still exploring.

  • Vue 5 Infinite – Rob’s Waterfall Scene

    The latest project is a nice waterfall scene. The scene is going to be a still shot so i don’t need to worry about animating the water coming down the waterfall. But, I might want to make this in the future, so if anyone has any tips on achieving that, please post a comment and […]

  • Vue 5 Infinite – How to make your own plant species

    My first Vue 5 Infinite article! I remember when i first for Vue 5 Infinite and in the feature set it said that you could make your own plant species. This sounded very interesting to me, but it didn’t seem very intuitive on how to get to the plant editor (thank god for the help […]

  • Latest Project: The Horse Racetrack

    So, I have been working on a new project lately. It’s a Horse Track, something like Pimlico. I’m planning on adding some horses running around the track. It should be pretty sweet. So far though the challenges I’ve are taking an animated horse from Poser7 and importing it in Vue 5. Actually, I had to […]

  • The best gadget ever?

    For now i have a 50-ft cable running from my router to my computer to give me internet access. When i want to use the PS3 I unhook the computer and plug in the PS3 online. I bought a nifty device from Best Buy. The device is made by D-Link. You have two small boxes […]

  • My PS3 won’t connect to my Linksys Wireless Router…

    I love my PS3. I know its not my PS3s fault. This is just the usual problems I have no matter what Wireless device I am using. With that in mind please read on and offer some suggestions if you happen to know any great tips. So, I’ve had problems all over the place with […]

  • Poser Hair Tutorial

    Originally this tutorial was written and posted on At the time I wrote this I was using Poser 5 but it will pretty much work for any version of Poser from 5 to 7 (there may be some slight differences).

  • Lightwave Tip: Selecting Objects

    If you’re new to Lightwave v9, like I am some of the basics in the program, are a little odd. One of the commands that I thought should be a no brainer is how to select all the points, polygons, edges on an object if you have more then 1 object in a layer. I […]