Latest Project: The Horse Racetrack

So, I have been working on a new project lately. It’s a Horse Track, something like Pimlico. I’m planning on adding some horses running around the track. It should be pretty sweet. So far though the challenges I’ve are taking an animated horse from Poser7 and importing it in Vue 5. Actually, I had to re-install Poser6 because Vue5 can’t import Poser7 files. So I got the horse into Vue and he was galloping in place, but its hard to animate an already animated object like a horse and get it to go around the track in step. So, don’t do it that way. Its best to animate the horse at 30fps in Poser and the import that animation into Vue. That i learned today so maybe over this weekend i’ll be able to mess with that some more.

Anyway, the image I post to you today took about 2 weeks of experimentation and then 1 session of 1 hour of well-focused work. And this is the result. Still alot needed to be done but this is the best one I have made for sure!

Enjoy – i need to catch some ZZZzzzz’s — until next time!

Horse Racetrack WIP - Feb 21